Jannice Friedman

Associate Professor
Office: BioSci 4420 Lab: BioSci 4416
Ph: 613.533.6394 Email: jannice.friedman@queensu.ca
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Jannice joined the faculty at Queen’s in 2019. Previously she was an assistant professor at Syracuse University, completed two years of postdoctoral research at Duke University with John Willis, and attended graduate school at the University of Toronto (PhD with Spencer Barrett) and Calgary University (MSc with Lawrence Harder)

Research interests: understanding the maintenance of phenotypic evolution and adaptation, mostly in the context of plant reproduction and life history strategies.
Favourite plant: Strelitzia reginae
Favourite non-plant things: baking cakes, running, climbing, time with family

Aly Van Natto

PhD student (started Sept 2020)
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Research interests: the evolution of plant reproductive strategies in human altered environments, with a focus on species that are rare or invasive.
Favourite plant: Abronia umbellata
Favourite non-plant things: Ultimate frisbee and watching horror movies

Claire Smith

MSc student (started Sept 2020)

Research interests: wind pollination, sexual selection in plants, post-pollination processes and pollen competition, mathematical modelling
Favourite plant: Thalictrum dioicum
Favourite non-plant things: cross-country skiing, baking, hiking, climbing

Christina Steinecke

MSc student (started Sept 2020)
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Research interests: selection on plant reproductive strategies, correlated evolution, quantitative genetics
Favourite plant: not Mimulus guttatus, rather pitcher plants
Favourite non-plant things: cycling, hiking, bird watching, catching frogs and snakes, fermenting, and general hobby hopping

Isabeau Lewis

Undergraduate student

Research interests: life history tradeoffs and gaining research experience
Favourite plant: Mimulus guttatus (most of the time)
Favourite non-plant thing: record player

Jeremiah Lee

Research technician

Research interests: physical geography and landscape change
Favourite plant: golden birch
Favourite non-plant things: climbing, cooking, hiking, falling asleep while watching movies

Alumni: post-docs

Wendy Van Drunen

Currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Toronto

Matthew Rubin

Currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at The Donald Danforth Centre

Karine Leydet


Alex Twyford

Currently a Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh (website)

Alumni: graduate students

Emma Eberl


Abbi Aljiboury

Currently a PhD student at Syracuse University

Kelly Schmid

Currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Cornell University

Alumni: undergraduate students

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Amber Guidice
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Alumni: technicians

Renee Halloran
Meghan den Bakker

Photo by Roger Topp